The airport officially opens

Hello hello, and welcome to the second entry in my daily blog series, in which I detail the events happening on my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island! I think it’ll be a mighty challenge to top the first entry, but let’s give it a go.

The day began with Tom Nook giving the first of his daily announcements. He was pleased to say the airport is now open and Blathers has moved in!

Tom Nook says "Starting today, I'll be doing an island-wide broadcast full of island updates, goings-on, and such, hm?" Tom Nook says "The NX Land Airport is now open for business!" Tom Nook says "That's not all. No, no! The airport counter now offers postal services!" Tom Nook says "As of this very day, a brilliant fellow by the name of Blathers will be joining us on NX Land!"

The first thing I did was head to the airport, as I’d sent a message in the Animal Crossing Portal Discord server saying that I’d like to visit someone’s island to sell my cherries at 5× what they’d be worth on my own island, and experience the online multiplayer in general.

I unlocked the Best Friends List app from Orville. It’s a little pointless, because I don’t have any “best friends”. It provides the option to send messages to “best friends” without you needing to be on their island or vice-versa, which might be handy. I’d rather use a proper instant messaging service.

And with that, it was time to head to Sunny’s town. Evidently, someone has been time-travelling. It was a very nice town, and much more developed than mine. I took the opportunity to sell my fruit, steal an apple, orange, peach, pear and coconut, get up to some other mischief and eventually leave.

A nice house, path and lots of flowers!

After returning to my own island, Tom Nook gave me 98,000 Bells of debt for my new home (which I haven’t even checked out yet) and announced that he has left me a Nook Miles Ticket at the airport. I’ve just been there!

Tom Nook says "I've left your ticket at the counter in the airport, so use it whenever the travel mood strikes."

Then Timmy had to badger me, too! He wants 30 wood, hardwood, softwood and iron nuggets to build a shop. Yeah, good luck with that(!)

Timmy says "We'll need 30 pieces each of regular wood, hardwood, and softwood... And...30 iron nuggets!"

Disgruntled with the ever-increasing demands of the Nook family, I headed on over to check out Blathers’ new tent. He was kind enough to send me the crafting recipes for the vaulting pole and shovel, before I proceeded to dump many fish and bugs upon him. I’d been stockpiling them since yesterday, waiting for him to move in. And with that, he was ready to turn his tent into a building.

Blathers says "Never would I have imagined we could reach our donation goal...on this, my very first day on the island!"

Now that I was able to craft a shovel and vaulting pole, I did so with great haste! This allowed me to get more loot out of those rocks by digging holes to avoid getting pushed backwards when whacking them. I could also now acquire things like the manila clam.

"Look! I dug up 1,000 Bells!"
I made sure to plant 10,000 Bells in its place. Check out my glowing spot guide.

While on the beach, I noticed Gulliver was present! He wanted five communicator parts, which were buried about in the beach. Digging them up is the same deal as with manila clams. I wrote a guide about it. He was pleased with my fine work and promised to mail a reward.

Gulliver says "Oh! That's them! Those are definitely my communicator parts! C'mere, you little troublemakers..."

The vaulting pole meant I could cross the rivers. Lots of weeds were pulled, trees shaken and fossils were dug up!

Blathers exclaims "Incredible! Wonderful! Remarkable! My intuition was impeccable... There are fossils on this island!"
It’s really hard to time some of these screenshots without being mid-blink.

Before heading off for the night, I decided to check my mail. I hadn’t done so for the whole day. Obviously, there wouldn’t be a letter from Gulliver there, yet, but there might be some other interesting things. There was a letter from the Happy Home Academy and a letter from Mom. I got a wooden mini table DIY recipe and 3 peaches out of that.

A letter from the Happy Home Academy, to which a "house-warming gift" is attached.

For one last hurrah, I decided to check out that Nook Miles Ticket I was given by Tom Nook. My lack of a ladder meant I couldn’t access all the resources, but there was still plenty of trees to shake and rocks to bash. Plus, a huge pond with lots of fish!

Fishing in a large pond.

I also convinced this island-dweller, Apple, to move to my town. My island is bigger, and therefore better. I have to question how she got here to begin with.

Apple says "I canNOT wait to have a chic NX Land zip code!"

I don’t really see myself spending 2000 Nook Miles to go on more island tours in future. Seems kinda pricey for what it is.

Afterwards, I had enough iron and other resources for Timmy to set up shop.

Timmy says "Oh my goodness! This means we have everything we need to get started on our shop!"

Well, that’s it for today. With the fact museum construction will be underway tomorrow, I’m having a donation crisis.

Standing outside Blathers' tent with many bugs, fish and fossils, ready to be donated.

Next entry: Wispy bridge

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