Cutting back the blogs

Today, Resident Services was closed. That makes a change! Tom Nook is supposedly converting it from a tent into a building.

"As I mentioned yesterday, Resident Services is closed today due to construction."

Sterling gave me some glasses, which I immediately returned. After pondering that they look “super familiar”, he accepted them as a gift. To my surprise, he put them on. They look far from perfect.

"This looks perfect on me! Thank you, skraaaaw!"

Gayle was out and about today, having finished moving in.

Apple was perplexed at my decision to stop for a chat whilst being chased by wasps.

"Why are you stopping to talk to me?! You need to run away!"

That photo reminds me that I also went around chopping down all the trees on the first portion of my island — where the Plaza and all that is located. I was fed up of all those cherry trees getting in the way. I planted a few other varieties of trees, and I’ll see how that gets on. I don’t want it to be too full of trees, as I’d rather leave the tree population to the outskirts of my island.

It seems that making several wishes at shooting stars worked rather well indeed. I had a grand total of 5 star fragments wash up on the shoreline.

5 star fragments in my inventory.

Nook’s Cranny is now doing very well indeed. I moved some money trees behind the shop, so now it looks like they’re super wealthy.

Money trees growing behind Nook's Cranny, two of which are fully grown.

As you can probably tell, I’m running out of things to write home about. Most daily things aren’t of particular interest. As such, this is the final daily blog entry. From here on, they will be weekly.

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