Giving Blathers a stroke

I’m going to be honest here. I’m writing this blog post on the 25th. Yes, the post date says the 24th — I don’t want it to get confusing which day each blog post is about. So… things are beginning to get on top of me a little. With that said, let’s begin.

Today started with Tom Nook’s daily announcement. I should really stop mentioning this, seeing as every day starts with Tom Nook’s daily announcement. Anyway, he announced that Apple, who I invited on the 22nd, is moving in. He also announced that the museum is open and that a customization workshop will be running.

"NX Land gained a new neighbour today. Apple!" "Ta-da! Today, NX Land has its very own museum!" "By the way, we will be holding a special commemorative ceremony soon, as usual." "DIY veterans can now take part in a special customization workshop I'm holding!"

The first thing I did was, yet again, online multiplayer. I had received a message on the ACNH Forum in this thread that someone had oranges to trade with me! And so that is what we did.

Standing in the plaza with TAP3, who says "I".
I forgot to take a better screenshot than this.

As you may have noticed from that screenshot, Harvey was in town! I decided to check out what he was up to. He said that I can head to the airport and tell ’em I want to head to “Harv’s Island”. How exciting!

Harvey says "Just hit the airport and tell 'em you want to go to Harv's Island. That's the name of my pad. Groovy, right?"

But this is not all! There was also another visitor! Saharah! She was selling rugs, “mysterious flooring” and “mysterious wallpaper”. I don’t trust the sound of that. Wanting to save my Bells, I passed on the opportunity.

Saharah says "I have small rugs, large rugs, and rugs of the medium space between. The design is seen after the buying."

I decided to check up on Apple, who managed to move into her home, despite it being impossible to access without pole-vaulting over there. There wasn’t much to say or do at Apple’s place, as she was still moving in. By the sounds of it, I’m going to be Apple’s only friend, which is terrifying.

Apple says "I moved! Here! I live here now! Walking distance from your house! You! The only person I know here!"

Some miscellaneous interesting things that happened were I discovered you can pop balloon presents with a net, if you’re on high ground and the balloon is floating over low ground…

…and I managed to snag a centipede in addition to a full rock’s worth of goodies! At long last! I’ve been in this scenario a few times now, and previous attempts all resulted in the centipede disappearing. I’m not sure if I was too slow in catching it before, or if my net was a little off position-wise.

Another highlight of the day is I unlocked a good number of DIY recipes, such as this leaf here. What purpose could I have for crafting a leaf, of all things? Sterling gave me a DIY recipe when I talked to him while he was working on a project; there was a note bottle on the beach (I think there’s been one there every day); I shot down a lot of balloon presents as a result of leaving the game open while I wrote my “Nintendo is removing duplication glitch YouTube videos” article.

"SWEET! I learned a DIY recipe for a leaf!"

Oh, and then I paid off my new loan. I appreciate this blog post is a little all over the place, but that’s how my Animal Crossing days go. Naturally, I couldn’t resist taking out a new loan for 198,000 Bells. This one could take a wee while to pay off.

Tom Nook says "That would require taking out a loan for 198,000 Bells. Interested?"

In addition to upgrading my own house, the other villagers on my island also seem to be upgrading from tents to houses. Presumably they’ll proceed to upgrade their houses, but I’m not sure.

Rocket says "I mean, tents are cool and all, but I can fit way more stuff in a house."

I also attended a couple ceremonies. One was for the bridge, which felt like a waste of time. I mean… it’s just a bridge. The other one was for the museum! Fortunately, all the clutter I’d piled up outside the museum over the span of a couple days did not impact the ceremony — it was hidden from view during the ceremony.

Everyone is gathered outside the museum. Tom Nook says "And now I think we need to hear a...FEW words from Blathers, who'll be running our new museum!"

Once the ceremony was complete, I felt it necessary to give Blathers the donation of a lifetime. He didn’t seem as afflicted by the quantity of my donation as I anticipated. Evidently, with such a large museum, Blathers has no fear for large donations!

Donating a full inventory of items to Blathers.
A couple of these fossils were actually duplicates, though I had another couple bugs outside to replace them with, so it still worked out as a full three-row inventory of donations.

I then headed back to Resident Services to attend Tom Nook’s customization workshop. I had crafted the wooden wardrobe he required, and it was time to customise it! He let me take 48 customization kits home.

The customisation interface for the wooden wardrobe.

With this, it was time to head to Harv’s island — Photopia. I don’t think I’ll be going there again anytime soon. The only thing on the island is Harvey’s house, in which you can place any items you’ve unlocked for the purpose of photo opportunities. You can also scan amiibo to get NPCs in the shot. That’s not really my cup of tea, so I filled a room with tarantulas and left.

A room full to the brim with live tarantulas! Each one is inside a container.
Here’s hoping Harvey doesn’t get in too much of a panic when he sees this!

I spent the rest of my island’s night planting all those oranges I traded with TAP3 from my forum website earlier. I’ve heard that there is a limit on how many trees you can have on your island before they’ll stop growing, so let’s see if this works out or not.

Many saplings planted.

10 o’clock was fast approaching, so I performed an experiment. I entered Nook’s Cranny and waited for closing time. Like previous games, the music changes when it’s close to closing time. When 10 o’clock arrived, they kicked me out. Sorry for keeping you up past bedtime, Timmy and Tommy.

Timmy says "Um... As much as we do enjoy your's past our closing hours for today."

It was getting very late at this point, but I did head out to someone’s island I found in the Nook Horizons Discord server. Celeste was there, who I received a magic wand DIY recipe from. There was a meteor shower happening, so I made a wish. This was also a Southern Hemisphere island, so I also got some new fish out of it.

Celeste says "It seems there's a magic wand that, if you make a wish and give it a wave, lets you become a whole new you!"

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