Wade’s grand appearance

Due to the fact it was getting late by the time I started and I was feeling very tired, today’s entry is a short one.

Tom Nook didn’t have much to announce today, except that someone new had moved in: Wade!

"NX Land gained a new neighbor today. Wade!"

In my mailbox today was the usual junk mail. Dodo Airlines sent me a shirt, so I can advertise them. I don’t know why they need to increase their brand awareness, seeing as they have a complete monopoly over travel for these islands.

"Just wanted to thank you for flying Dodo Airlines! We know you don't have a lot of options, but thanks for choosing us all the same. We hope you enjoy this bit of custom DAL merch! Nify, right?"

Apple had unpacked all her belongings and was working on making a wooden-block stool. Great.

"Hey, James! Do you want to know how to make a wooden-block stool too?"

On the beach was a star fragment. I guess this is because I made a wish in some’s town yesterday? If I gather enough of these, maybe I can put them to good use for a magic wand.

Star fragment on the beach.

And now… for the grand reveal: Wade! He was asleep….

The outside of Wade's house. The door reads "I'm sleeping... Please don't wake me up. OK? -Wade"

I checked up on my tree farm, and most of the saplings hadn’t grown. It seems this game has some tight limits on how many trees you can go planting, which is a tad disappointing.

My many saplings, few of which have actually grown.

I was also thrown into more debt by the evil Tom Nook — this time 198,000 Bells. I’ve not even checked out my renovated home!

Tom Nook says "the cost of your model! That'll be 198,000 Bells, hm?"

And that’s it for today. Apparently, content on the web should be at least 300 words in order to rank in search results, which this isn’t, but I don’t really expect my blog posts to rank anyway. Not that many people are searching for ACNH blogs — they’re all about those guides!

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