Wade’s grand skill

I had some more time to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons than I did , but there simply wasn’t a great deal going on today. The point at which each day is much the same as the previous is still quite some way away, but the pace is starting to slow nonetheless.

Tom Nook announced that Resident Services will soon relocate into a proper building. I eagerly await what that will look like!

"Resident Services will soon relocate from its current tent into a new, more permanent building!"

After stepping out of my home, I received a phone call from Timmy. I don’t know what he was doing phoning me this late, but still, he notified me that I’ve received a whopping 912 Bells in my bank account. Yes, yesterday I used the drop-off box after Nook’s Cranny closed for the night. I must have had a Nook Miles+ task of selling some items.

"We've sent a payment to your bank account for 912 Bells for what you left in the drop-off box."

I got to finally meet yesterday’s new villager: Wade. He was wearing a froggy shirt. Now, where’s my froggy chair? Anyway, Wade is a very talented penguin.

"Do you have a skill? A thing you're best at? Mine's unhinging my jaw to swallow my snack bags whole!"

I met Gulliver again. Same old.

Gayle had moved in. We’re making real progress with the island’s population, here! That’s all three new houses occupied.

"Hey, neighbor! I'm new here. My name's Gayle."

I felt I’d run out of things to do for the day, as I’d already bashed the rocks with my shovel, but Sterling then suggested I go on a treasure hunt!

"I buried some treasure. If you find it within the time limit, you win!"

I was given a time limit of three minutes and found the “treasure” with 39% of my time remaining. It was something to do, I suppose.

"I found treasure!"

Later that night, I was working on this website, and had the game open while I worked. While Celeste didn’t show up, there was a meteor shower! I got a good few wishes in and balloons popped.

At the Plaza, wishing upon a shooting star.

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