Wispy bridge

When I opened the game up today, it was raining. Poor old Tom Nook had to give his daily announcement in the rain!

He announced that the museum has begun construction, Nook’s Cranny has opened, and the catalogue service has been added to Nook Shopping. He also received a phone call from someone. I wonder who it could be…?

"Some stunning news just in! We're moving forward with construction of the NX Land Museum!" "My staff, Timmy and Tommy, opened up their new shop today!" "To celebrate the opening of the shop, we've added a new catalog service to Nook Shopping." Tom Nook speaks to person on phone. "Ah, so sorry to put you on hold. Allow me to give you a full overview of the..."

Daisy Mae announced via letter that she will be coming to my town on Sunday mornings to sell turnips. R.I.P. Joan. Who on earth gets up in the morning on Sunday?

Letter from Daisy Mae. It reads "I'll be heading to your island every Sunday morning to sell my precious turnips, just the way my grandma used to."

Gulliver had also sent me a letter to show his gratitude for me saving his life the other day. Attached to it was a gift. Stonehenge, apparently. That’s one big gift, and presumably an illegal one at that, if authentic.


I didn’t get very far at all before more exciting things happened to kick the day off, even if I did start in the evening today. Rocket unlocked my ability to use reactions. That’s neat and all, but I think I’ll continue to hide the pain.

"I can use Reactions now! These gestures will help me express my feelings!"

Before beginning the daily routine of whacking those rocks and whatnot, I decided to check out Nook’s Cranny.

Upon entering, I walked into a conversation between Timmy & Tommy and Mabel. Looks like Mabel will be visiting the island sometimes to sell clothing items!

Tommy also informed me that they are now buying turnips, at fluctuating prices, in addition to paying double for the “hot item of the day” and having a drop-off box, which doesn’t pay as well as selling in-store but is available 24/7.

Mabel says to Timmy & Tommy "How about if I stop by every so often to sell some of our wares to your wonderful island dwellers?" Tommy says "First, let's talk turnips." Tommy says "The second new services involves a hot item of the day." Tommy says "And the last new service we're offering is the drop-off box. You can find it in front of the shop."

Due to my debt to Tom Nook, I didn’t really feel the urge to buy much in their shop. I purchased some DIY recipes and left it at that. At this point, I’ve built up a fair collection of crafting recipes. The message bottles washing up on my shore help.

The DIY Recipes interface, showing some of the new recipes I have unlocked.

At this point, I did the usual routine of bashing rocks and digging up fossils. I even shot down another balloon present. But with the museum closed for construction, with not even Blathers present to assess my fossils, doing so felt kind of empty.

"Look! I dug up a fossil!"

When I entered Resident Services, Tom Nook was busy handling his phone call. Turns out there are three people who are interested in moving to the island, but only if they get furnished homes. Tom Nook also wants a bridge to be built, to make other areas of the island more accessible. This will require a good few resources!

Tom Nook joyfully says "And wouldn't you know, out of the blue we have 3 interested parties!" Tom Nook frets "None of our applicants are too fond of the notion of sleeping in tents, you see." Tom Nook says "Here's what I'm thinking.... We really should start by building a bridge across a river somewhere..." Bridge construction kit crafting recipe. Requires 4 log stakes, 4 clay and 4 stone.

Once this was said, but most certainly not done, a ceremony for the construction of Nook’s Cranny commenced. Like in New Leaf, these ceremonies don’t really achieve anything, but they’re worth attending, considering there’s not that many opportunities to attend these ceremonies.

Everyone pulls party poppers outside Nook's Cranny.

I managed to find enough wood and whatnot in storage to craft that bridge construction kit, and I picked a spot for the bridge to go. There’s this small island within my island, so that’s where I built the bridge to, just to be as counterproductive as possible.

"I picked a spot for a bridge! Let the island connect!"

Tom Nook then wanted me to pick plots for three homes, as well as furnish them each with three interior and three exterior items. I placed all three of them in areas impossible to reach without a vaulting pole. Screw those newcomers!

My island's map.

During all this, Tom Nook sent me a DIY recipe for the ladder, allowing me to access the higher areas of the island. It doesn’t look like much on the map, but the additional space really is quite something! So many weeds, and flowers, too!

There were a couple fossils up there, making six fossils per day? I’ll need to check tomorrow to see if this is a regular thing. Seems like the selection of fish at the higher levels may also be different. Or maybe I just got lucky.

"I caught a cherry salmon! It's the perfect topper for a marlin sundae!"

While wandering about, I bumped into Wisp! I scared the spirit out of him, and I needed to hunt down his five spirit pieces with my net. This was a simple enough task, after which he was happily returned to normal.

I was able to get all the items crafted for the three new homes. Sounds like the houses will be getting built tomorrow! For my trouble, Tom Nook gave me 50 pieces of simple wooden fencing

"Whew! All the home and furnishing prep work is done!"

Unfortunately, as Nook’s Cranny had closed for the night, I was unable to sell any items to get together enough Bells to pay off my current loan.

And this somewhat disappointing note is where I’ll leave this entry. Looking forward to the museum opening tomorrow, though!

"I caught an oarfish! I hope I catch morefish!"

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