Fossil guide & list

After Blathers moves into your island (donate five bugs/fish to Tom Nook for this to happen), there will begin to be four fossils buried on your island each day. Keep an eye out for any markings in the ground!

There are 73 fossils in the game. The fossils available are unaffected by the current season.


If playing solo, it is possible to calculate how long it is likely to take to donate every fossil. This is a classic example of the coupon collector’s problem. To acquire every fossil, it is expected you would have to dig up 356 fossils, or spend 89 days digging up all four daily fossils.

When you unlock the ladder, you will find an additional two fossils in the higher areas of your island, making an effective six fossils you can collect one day. This is a one-off.


It’s possible to speed this process up by trading with other players. Simply invite someone to your island, or visit someone else’s, and drop the fossils to trade them. This works equally well over local multiplayer, or online.

To check which fossils you already have, access the fossil section of the wallpaper/flooring/more category in Nook Shopping.

Naturally, I recommend the ACNH Info Forum or ACNH Info Discord for this. However, I do have to admit that neither are active in the slightest, so I don’t mind if you go elsewhere.

Cheating the system

If you are too impatient to wait around for new fossils to spawn each day, you can go into your Nintendo Switch system settings and change the system date. Advancing it one day forwards or backwards is enough to get new fossils to spawn.

Fossil list

  1. acanthostega
  2. amber
  3. ammonite
  4. ankylo skull
  5. ankylo tail
  6. ankylo torso
  7. anomalocaris
  8. archaeopteryx
  9. archelon skull
  10. archelon tail
  11. australopith
  12. brachio chest
  13. brachio pelvis
  14. brachio skull
  15. brachio tail
  16. coprolite
  17. deinony tail
  18. deinony torso
  19. dimetrodon skull
  20. dimetrodon torso
  21. dinosaur track
  22. diplo chest
  23. diplo neck
  24. diplo pelvis
  25. diplo skull
  26. diplo tail
  27. diplo tail tip
  28. dunkleosteus
  29. eusthenopteron
  30. iguanodon skull
  31. iguanodon tail
  32. iguanodon torso
  33. juramaia
  34. left megalo side
  35. left ptera wing
  36. left quetzal wing
  37. mammoth skull
  38. mammoth torso
  39. megacero skull
  40. megacero tail
  41. megacero torso
  42. myllokunmingia
  43. ophthalmo skull
  44. ophthalmo torso
  45. pachysaurus skull
  46. pachysaurus tail
  47. parasaur skull
  48. parasaur tail
  49. parasaur torso
  50. plesio body
  51. plesio skull
  52. plesio tail
  53. ptera body
  54. quetzal torso
  55. right megalo side
  56. right ptera wing
  57. right quetzal wing
  58. sabertooth skull
  59. sabertooth tail
  60. shark-tooth pattern
  61. spino skull
  62. spino tail
  63. spino torso
  64. stego skull
  65. stego tail
  66. stego torso
  67. T. rex skull
  68. T. rex tail
  69. T. rex torso
  70. tricera skull
  71. tricera tail
  72. tricera torso
  73. trilobite

21 thoughts on “Fossil guide & list”

  1. So I traded a fossil with someone and although I don’t have the fossil they gave me whenever I try to donate it blathers tells me I have nothing I can donate. I’m not sure what’s going on

    • With the number of complete item lists that have surfaced on the internet by now, I’m confident this is all there is.

      Which spots do you have open? My first room is only 1/3rd full, so I’ll probably be of limited help, but maybe I’ll have your mystery fossil located.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the guide, it’s the most complete one I’ve seen!

    Blathers accepted an Ichthyo Skull from me the other day but I don’t see it on your list. I’ll see if I can find it in my museum later to show you.


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