Gulliver’s communicator parts

Gulliver washed up on the beach.

Every now and then, Gulliver the Seagull will wash up on your beach. Evidently, Gulliver’s travels tend to end in misfortune.

Waking Gulliver up

The first step is to wake him up. Just keep speaking to him. This process may be faster if you don’t have a tool equipped — the time your character spends putting their tool away each time they go to speak with him adds up.

Gulliver says "My handy-dandy communicator is broken! This isn't handy OR dandy!"

Once Gulliver has awoken, he will exclaim that his communicator is broken. He requires five communicator parts to fix it. He says they are “probably buried in the sand somewhere”. This is far from the most helpful of hints, as the game fails to indicate that they aren’t marked in the same way as other buried items.

Finding Gulliver’s communicator parts

Finding Gulliver’s communicator parts involves the same process as finding manila clams. Look out for areas on the beach where there is a dark patch spouting water. Proceed to dig these areas up with a shovel.

These communicator parts can be found on all your island’s beaches — not just the one Gulliver washed up on. If you’re having trouble finding communicator parts, run up and down your island’s largest beach while keeping a lookout for them.

Once you have dug up five communicator parts, the water-spouting dark patches will return to being manila clams. At this point, you should return to Gulliver. He’ll stand around waiting to be rescued by his crew for the rest of the day, before disappearing and posting you a gift.

Gulliver says "Oh! That's them! Those are definitely my communicator parts! C'mere, you little troublemakers..."

The next day

The next day you should find a letter from Gulliver in your mail, with a gift attached. This will be a rare item, only obtainable by helping Gulliver, so hold onto it! There will also be a rusty communicator part in the Resident Services recycle box, which can be used in DIY recipes.

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