Nature Day guide

Nature Day runs from 23 April to 4 May and requires version 1.2.0 or newer of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to be installed. You must have also progressed far enough in the game to unlock Nook Miles+.

Nature Day Nook Miles+ task: Plant Shrub Starts

During the event, there are additional Nook Miles+ tasks to complete:

  • Craft Fencing for Beautiful Gardens
  • Decorate with Flowers
  • Get Stylin’ by Wearing Flowers
  • Plant Coconuts on the Beach
  • Plant Cosmos Seeds
  • Plant Hyacinth Bulbs
  • Plant Lily Seeds
  • Plant Mum Seeds
  • Plant Pansy Seeds
  • Plant Rose Seeds
  • Plant Shrub Starts
  • Plant Tulip Bulbs
  • Plant Windflower Seeds
  • Pluck Blossoms and Craft a Flower Crown
  • Send Gratitude with Flowers
  • Tree Transportation
  • Weave Flowers to Craft a Wreath

After completing one of these tasks, speak to Tom Nook at Resident Services to unlock the DIY crafting recipe for the hedge!

"Now, as you've demonstrated your eco-mindfulness, I have a special present for you."

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