Comments policy

On this website, comments are allowed on practically every page. This is fantastic for giving the readers a say in matters, but sometimes it can get a bit much. To help relieve some issues with comments sections, I have outlined some restrictions on comments.

Note that all comments on this website must get manually approved before they become publicly visible. Don’t fret if yours isn’t showing up after you’ve posted it!

Comments that break these rules will either not be approved to begin with, or will be modified.


Not to be rude, but some comments are better off not existing. This obviously includes spam — don’t comment just to self-promote or flood the comments section. Other comments that won’t be approved are ones that don’t add to any discussion, such as “great article” and “my cat’s breath smells like cat food”. As long as you write a few words on the topic of whatever page you’re commenting on, you should be fine. Questions are always welcome.

Foreign languages

I understand English isn’t everyone’s first language, but the content on this website is in English, so it would make sense for visitors that the comments are also in English. Non-English comments will be removed.

Exceptions to this rule can be made in some circumstances, such as if someone wishes to share the funniest joke in the world.

Should any pages on this website get localised for other languages, comments in the page’s language are welcome.

Affiliate/shortened links

You may not include links that you receive a commission from in the event someone clicks them or performs an action after clicking them (e.g. buys a product).

You may not use a URL shortener. These:

  • increase the likelihood of link rot.
  • increase page load time by introducing a redirect.
  • pose a privacy concern.

If you use a shortened link and your comment isn’t spam, I will edit it to be the full version. There can be exceptions to this rule, such as links — I am mostly speaking about the likes of AdFly and Bitly.


Be kind.

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