Is ACNH Info down right now?

If you are reading this, ACNH Info is probably not down right now. Unless you’re accessing this page through a cache, in which case it might indeed be down.

There’s all sorts of down detectors and whatnot out there, but all you need for ACNH Info is right at If the website goes down for a while and I’m aware about it, I will tweet from @ACNH_Info.

Every five minutes, this is supposed to check whether ACNH Info is up or down. As a sanity check, it also monitors, since it would be a bit suspicious if it claims Google goes down at the same time as my website. This is a third-party service, so it will continue to work if my server explodes.

Previous downtime

All times and durations have a degree of approximateness. Periods of downtime too short to register are not logged. All times are UTC.

: to ( only)

I was upgrading an extension, which unexpectedly required a PHP module that wasn’t installed on the server. As such, the website went down until I figured out the issue and installed the missing module.

: to

My host experienced an outage.

: to

Server updates.

Upcoming downtime

None planned.

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