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It made sense to put all the legal stuff on one page, so here it is. Use the list below to jump to a particular section.

This website has no affiliation with Nintendo. Copyrighted material is not used in a way that causes financial loss for Nintendo or any other parties.

If you wish to make a complaint or query, head to the contact page.

A good amount of the content on this website is under my copyright. Copying the entire website is not permitted, but using excerpts is absolutely fine.

If you wish to use my screenshots, you can use them without restriction, though giving credit and linking back to this website would be much appreciated. On websites where hotlinking is possible, such as Reddit, I’d also appreciate if you do that, rather than reuploading them.

The images aren’t highest quality here, so if you contact me I should be able to get you a higher-quality version for the odd image. For access to the original quality versions of all my images, we’ll need to come to some sort of agreement.


This website does not use cookies or third-party sources for website resources such as fonts, nor does it use the Gravatar service.

Some pages on this website include tweets embedded from Twitter. These use Twitter’s “do not track” attribute, so you should be safe from a privacy standpoint.

This website stores some personally-identifiable data when the user writes a comment. This includes your:

  • name, if you enter it.
  • email address, if you enter it.
  • IP address (
  • user agent (CCBot/2.0 (

The above examples have not been stored on the server. Appropriate precautions are taken to ensure these details remain private, including encrypting traffic between your device and the server, and various measures to make gaining unauthorised access to the database a real challenge.

To retract this information, reply to your own comment with “GDPR” (I’ll know what you mean) and enter the same email address as you did before. If you did not previously enter an email address, ensure your comment is posted from the same network, device and web browser as before to verify your identity.

For the purpose of security and statistics, access logs are kept indefinitely. These include:

  • your IP address (
  • your user-agent (CCBot/2.0 (
  • the URL you were accessing (/meta/legal).
  • your referrer ().
  • some other odds and ends, which are either irrelevant or objectively not personal – see for more information.


This website attempts to fulfil all accessibility requirements, by including:

  • A “skip to content” button, for those who navigate using the keyboard.
  • Semantic HTML tags, ARIA attributes and alt text where appropriate, for those who use a screen reader.
  • Captions or transcriptions for video content, for those who are hard of hearing. Other people’s videos may not be captioned — bring this up with the creator if this affects you.

If your disability has not been accounted for, please contact me.

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