Joe Biden now has an island: Biden HQ

As we all know, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fiercely competing to spend the next 4 years being the president of the United States! Creating an Animal Crossing island (or, let’s be honest, paying someone to create one) is one of the more recent measures Biden has taken to appeal to younger voters.

Biden HQ

By using a bed to visit dream address DA-7286-5710-7478, you can experience the island for yourself. At least, for now. No doubt some Trump fans will report this island for advertising/spam, which it could be argued an island used solely for political campaigning falls under. It’s unclear what Nintendo thinks of this island being hosted in their game.

You might consider this likely to be a hasty job by some underpaid intern, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Highlights not pictured in the tweet above include the voting booths…

Voting booths with large checklist on floor.

…the field office…

Main room, featuring lots of Biden books, a table tennis table and even a typewriter!
West room, featuring East room, featuring a whiteboard, lots of computers and telephones. Upstairs, featuring lots of shoes, a desk and a racecar bed. The basement, featuring toy trains from all seasons!

…and of course Biden’s love of ice-cream! Apparently, Apollo — a very suiting bird for the free country that is America — would also like some!

An attempt at creating an ice-cream van in Animal Crossing.


Along with this island, custom designs are available. Naturally, this is all very pro-Biden, so it’s not for the apolitical. Personally, I don’t encourage bringing politics to your Animal Crossing island.

The intended method to get these is by going to the Team Joe Store, with an additional design accessed by texting AC to 30330. Fortunately for us, there’s a faster way.

Head to your Custom Designs Portal at the Able Sisters and search for creator ID MA-7785-2465-2313. You will be able to download the following sweaters:

Make the Difference sweater Pride crewneck sweater Rebuild With Love sweater Team Joe Crewneck 1 sweater Team Joe Crewneck 2 sweater Team Joe Scarf sweater Trans Pride Crewneck sweater Unity Over Divison sweater

And the following everything else:

Biden Harris Hoodie hoodie Biden Island Tee short-sleeve tee

The design that I believe you receive the code for by texting 30330 (don’t live in the US so can’t try it) is as follows:

Vote Joe Hoodie hoodie

Additionally, you can scan in the following QR codes via the Nintendo Switch Online app. These can also be scanned into Animal Crossing: New Leaf using the sewing machine at the Able Sisters after talking to Sable for 10 consecutive days.

Biden Harris 2020 design and QR code Joe's Aviators design and QR code Team Joe design and QR code Joe Pride design and QR code

Personal thoughts

Will this make a difference in Joe Biden’s run for presidency? If you’re basing your vote on which candidate has an Animal Crossing island made in his name, you’re doing something wrong.

Raymond says "This has been such a weird day...and it's only getting weirder. I mean, who even ARE you?"

Anywho, this has been interesting, and the amount of effort put into the island is impressive for what it is. The odd person has criticised the fact that time travel must have been used to obtain some of the seasonal items, but we don’t have any proof hacking wasn’t at play anyway.

It seems highly unlikely that rival Donald Trump will get his own Animal Crossing island created anytime soon, but it doesn’t feel particularly up Biden’s ally either. A surprising “fellow kids” project for sure.

Lemme know what you think, but let’s try to avoid any argy-bargy over which candidate is the best choice.

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