The Bell Tree Forums upgrades to 3.0

After weeks of postponing and 12 hours of downtime, The Bell Tree Forums staff pulled through and got the website upgraded to TBT 3.0!

This is arguably the largest Animal Crossing forums website, so I’m happy to see that it got some touching up done.

Under the hood, the website has been transitioned from vBulletin to XenForo. These are both paid solutions.

As far as visitors are concerned, notable improvements are proper mobile support (finally!) and better notifications — for example, you can receive a notification when someone quotes or @s you.

The changes haven’t come without criticism, however. There is a thread gaining a good amount of traction titled “This new site is terrible“. However, reluctance to change is always to be expected from some.

Currently absent features include the shop and its collectibles, but this is planned to be reimplemented.

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