Is Walbert real?

You may have seen the following image floating around the internet lately. Is there any truth in it? Will Walbert really corrupt your save data? The short answer is no.

"This is Walbert. If you see this villager on your island, do NOT talk to them. Walbert is a bug in the latest AC:NH update that will corrupt your save data."

This image originates from a segment in jacksfilms’ FAKE FACTS 5 (YIAY #520) video in which he edits an image of Greta to “scare some little kids into thinking Walbert’s real.” Later, he made a follow-up video to showcase some people who were bamboozled by it.

Here’s the relevant clips from both videos packed into a two-minute adventure:

62 thoughts on “Is Walbert real?”

  1. Walbert was a mistake.. He left me and ate someone elses ASS. Jokes on YOU WALBERT! Im fuckin with Timmy and Tommy! don’t worry one is 22 and the other is 21 EHHHHH and im 30.

  2. Yeah. Walbert is real. My son played Animal Crossing every day and recently encountered Walbert. Needless to say, hyper-realistic blood is now pouring from his eyes. He is otherwise okay.


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